Retail Construction Service meet Digital Experience

During one or more shopping sprees online, many shopping sites have no doubt made you want to buy one item of another in the form of recommendations. These recommendations are taken from the items you have visited frequently. The question many retailers and customers want answered is how can you make the same kind of opportunity found online that lets you get recommendation of some products you would find useful possible from a physical store? How can retailers make shopping for their consumers more engaging and keep it personal and most importantly, increase the sales? How can the retail construction service help retailers get more clients? Cloudtags offer a solution to these problems allows the retailer to understand their customer better.

According to Ollie Bath, the co- founder of CloudTags and the managing director in the UK, cloud tags provide a way to connect retail stores. The technology allows retailers to create a digital experience for their customers even in their physical retail stores. “The technology allows the retailer to know who their customers are and how interested they are in particular products. The retailer can the use this information to make the shopping experience more productive, personal and meaningful for the client. It is a great technology that can be used both in the store and online”.

This Retail construction service digital technology works by providing the customer with a tablet in-store and tagging the products in the store with NFC chips The tablets can then be used by customers to access meaningful content about the products and services being offered in the store by taping on the products. The information can be inventory levels, product reviews, videos on the products and any other product information the clients may need. Once the customer has found things in the store that they like, they can make a list and email that to themselves. They can also make the list and review it later on when they get home. This email functionality allows customers to enter their email address in the tablet. This action allows the retailer to capture the intent and progress of each item at the product level. It can also be used to tell the online and offline shopping behaviors of the clients that visit the store.

The technology is not just about putting random tables in the store; it is about creating a new marketing strategy for the retailers. There has been seen to be a lot of untapped opportunities especially from stores that sell the much more expensive items. Buying these items requires a customer to put in more considerations and think hard and deep about buying. For this reason, these stores do not sell as much as stores with a mixture of cheaper and the more expensive items like supermarkets.

CloudTags, working together with the contractors, creates an opportunity for the retailers to keep in touch with clients who walked in the store, looked through the items and did not buy. The technology says that by walking in, these clients showed intent and that means that they could convert into buyers down the line if the retailer will keep in touch. The retail store is therefore turned into a marketing channel.