How To Avoid the Auto Glass Service Bidding War

When it comes to getting auto glass windshields repaired, it’s easy to get trapped in the customer bidding war. In the classic scenario, a customer calls a few auto glass repair shops around town, asks for a quote, and then just chooses the lowest bid – advice from Etobicoke Auto Glass – repair service

From the perspective of the client, this probably makes sense. The way they see it, a windshield is a windshield. In other words, they view windshield repair as a business where the only point of competitive differentiation is the price. The lower the price, the better the offer. That is the only thing they want to hear.

However, from the perspective of auto glass repair shops, this is a nightmare scenario because it pushes prices down so low that it’s hard to post solid operating margins. Ultimately, it leads to the use of less expensive (and thus, less highly skilled) labor, cheaper materials and a focus on making auto glass repair a high-volume, low margin business.

Ultimately, that hurts both the customer – who’s left with a lot of low-cost, low-quality competitors – as well as the auto glass repair industry, in the form of a lower reputation for quality.

So how do you avoid the auto glass service’s bidding war?

One option is to focus on your schedule and open hours. Just because you operate a commercial storefront doesn’t mean that you can’t also provide a mobile repair service that meets a customer anywhere their car is. For customers, this can be a huge relief, knowing that they can get their auto windshields repaired 24/7, even on weekends. They don’t need to fit their schedule around the classic 9-to-5. And for that added flexibility, they may be willing to pay a premium price.

Another option is to focus on stock availability. Not all windshields are created equal, of course, but that’s something that customers don’t always recognize. They may think that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach, in which there’s a windshield industry standard for sedans, convertibles, and SUVs. But that ignores the variety of makes and models, and the importance of ordering original equipment glass for vehicle repairs.

Emphasizing that you have full stock availability of all the leading original equipment glass, then, is another way to avoid getting pulled into the bidding war. The reason is simple: customers don’t want to wait to get their windshields repaired, and if you already have the glass in stock, they won’t have to wait days for you to order it.

Finally, there’s one more way to avoid the auto glass bidding war. You can focus on providing the highest-quality service. The best customer is not only a paying customer but also an educated one, and it’s your job to educate the customer on why your service is superior to the cheaper service that your competitor is offering.

While it certainly makes sense for customers to get competitive bids on any auto glass repair project, it also makes sense to take into account factors other than price: schedule, stock availability, and service. That’s what separates a premium, high-quality auto glass repair service from a low-price, low-quality competitor.

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