Restaurants put a considerable amount of time and effort into ensuring that their food looks amazing and tastes even better The way the dishes presented on the plate can make a big difference between a three-star and a four-star review.

But when it comes to takeout or delivery, they often make food packaging an afterthought. And that means that customers who are paying $20 for an upscale entrée are surprised when the food looks like it’s coming from a fast-food joint. To make sure you’re not making that mistake, here are some of the classic do’s and don’ts for food packaging in the restaurant delivery business.

DO keep hot and cold foods separate

One big reason why Styrofoam clamshell containers are so popular in the restaurant business is that they do an excellent good job of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. But there’s just one problem – it’s far too tempting to put an entire meal inside the same container. That means cold sides might be mixed with a hot entrée – a definite mistake.

DON’T assume that one-size-fits-all packaging is going to work for you

How many times have you opened up a food container, only to find that it’s been over-stuffed and is starting to leak out of the container, or there’s such little food inside the container, that it seems to be sliding around on the bottom? The problem here is assuming that a one-size-fits-all solution is going to work. It’s more expensive, but it’s worth the time and effort to make sure that the size of the packaging is the same as the scale of the food item.

DO put all sauces, liquids and soups in their containers

Liquids and Sauces are notorious for their ability to ruin a meal that’s been delivered. You might love barbecue sauce, but not when your entire plate of chicken was cover in BBQ sauce. As a result, always make sure that any liquid gets its container.

DON’T forget about branding on the packaging

For upscale restaurants, it is critical to keep in mind about this topic. Which typically make branding a very key selling point of their business. It’s easy and practical just to use the same white Styrofoam packaging as everyone else, but then again…It makes you look just like everyone else. At the very least, you should consider putting some branding on the delivery bags.

DO use recyclable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible

Even if you’re not a farm-to-table restaurant or a restaurant that excites its local ingredients, it’s worth investigating recyclable materials for your packaging. That is good not just for the environment, but also for your brand.

DON’T forget to use the right lids

Another common problem is having the wrong lid for the right container. For example, you might have a silver foil container to keep food hot, but then a plastic cover that just doesn’t seem to stay on. Or, even worse, you have a tight-fitting lid that’s impossible to pry off without disturbing the food inside.

With these handy tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a restaurant delivery experience that rivals that of your in-house experience. Customers will walk away with full stomachs – and they’ll also be full of compliments for you online when it comes time to write a review for your business on a site like Yelp.

When it comes to getting auto glass windshields repaired, it’s easy to get trapped in the customer bidding war. In the classic scenario, a customer calls a few auto glass repair shops around town, asks for a quote, and then just chooses the lowest bid – advice from Etobicoke Auto Glass – repair service

From the perspective of the client, this probably makes sense. The way they see it, a windshield is a windshield. In other words, they view windshield repair as a business where the only point of competitive differentiation is the price. The lower the price, the better the offer. That is the only thing they want to hear.

However, from the perspective of auto glass repair shops, this is a nightmare scenario because it pushes prices down so low that it’s hard to post solid operating margins. Ultimately, it leads to the use of less expensive (and thus, less highly skilled) labor, cheaper materials and a focus on making auto glass repair a high-volume, low margin business.

Ultimately, that hurts both the customer – who’s left with a lot of low-cost, low-quality competitors – as well as the auto glass repair industry, in the form of a lower reputation for quality.

So how do you avoid the auto glass service’s bidding war?

One option is to focus on your schedule and open hours. Just because you operate a commercial storefront doesn’t mean that you can’t also provide a mobile repair service that meets a customer anywhere their car is. For customers, this can be a huge relief, knowing that they can get their auto windshields repaired 24/7, even on weekends. They don’t need to fit their schedule around the classic 9-to-5. And for that added flexibility, they may be willing to pay a premium price.

Another option is to focus on stock availability. Not all windshields are created equal, of course, but that’s something that customers don’t always recognize. They may think that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach, in which there’s a windshield industry standard for sedans, convertibles, and SUVs. But that ignores the variety of makes and models, and the importance of ordering original equipment glass for vehicle repairs.

Emphasizing that you have full stock availability of all the leading original equipment glass, then, is another way to avoid getting pulled into the bidding war. The reason is simple: customers don’t want to wait to get their windshields repaired, and if you already have the glass in stock, they won’t have to wait days for you to order it.

Finally, there’s one more way to avoid the auto glass bidding war. You can focus on providing the highest-quality service. The best customer is not only a paying customer but also an educated one, and it’s your job to educate the customer on why your service is superior to the cheaper service that your competitor is offering.

While it certainly makes sense for customers to get competitive bids on any auto glass repair project, it also makes sense to take into account factors other than price: schedule, stock availability, and service. That’s what separates a premium, high-quality auto glass repair service from a low-price, low-quality competitor.

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During one or more shopping sprees online, many shopping sites have no doubt made you want to buy one item of another in the form of recommendations. These recommendations are taken from the items you have visited frequently. The question many retailers and customers want answered is how can you make the same kind of opportunity found online that lets you get recommendation of some products you would find useful possible from a physical store? How can retailers make shopping for their consumers more engaging and keep it personal and most importantly, increase the sales? How can the retail construction service help retailers get more clients? Cloudtags offer a solution to these problems allows the retailer to understand their customer better.

According to Ollie Bath, the co- founder of CloudTags and the managing director in the UK, cloud tags provide a way to connect retail stores. The technology allows retailers to create a digital experience for their customers even in their physical retail stores. “The technology allows the retailer to know who their customers are and how interested they are in particular products. The retailer can the use this information to make the shopping experience more productive, personal and meaningful for the client. It is a great technology that can be used both in the store and online”.

This Retail construction service digital technology works by providing the customer with a tablet in-store and tagging the products in the store with NFC chips The tablets can then be used by customers to access meaningful content about the products and services being offered in the store by taping on the products. The information can be inventory levels, product reviews, videos on the products and any other product information the clients may need. Once the customer has found things in the store that they like, they can make a list and email that to themselves. They can also make the list and review it later on when they get home. This email functionality allows customers to enter their email address in the tablet. This action allows the retailer to capture the intent and progress of each item at the product level. It can also be used to tell the online and offline shopping behaviors of the clients that visit the store.

The technology is not just about putting random tables in the store; it is about creating a new marketing strategy for the retailers. There has been seen to be a lot of untapped opportunities especially from stores that sell the much more expensive items. Buying these items requires a customer to put in more considerations and think hard and deep about buying. For this reason, these stores do not sell as much as stores with a mixture of cheaper and the more expensive items like supermarkets.

CloudTags, working together with the contractors, creates an opportunity for the retailers to keep in touch with clients who walked in the store, looked through the items and did not buy. The technology says that by walking in, these clients showed intent and that means that they could convert into buyers down the line if the retailer will keep in touch. The retail store is therefore turned into a marketing channel.

When it comes to choosing a career path there are many ways you can go. Becoming an SEO professional as it obvious perks and for those who get a head start in the industry can find it easier to succeed and keep up with this ever changing job position. But, what exactly does is an SEO career entail, and how can you get started in this career? Contact us


What Is An SEO professional?


A SEO professional or search engine optimization specialist, is an individual who will analyze, review and implement changes into a website (usually a company or business website) to increase their ranking on search engines. They maximize the traffic flow to a specific website by getting the websites to rank in the top results of search engines. SEO professional need to have a number of useful skills that will make them successful at this type of profession.


Skills Every SEO Expert Should Possess:


You need to have a clear understanding of marketing. While many people have the misconception that SEO entails a lot of programming and technical work it primarily focuses on marketing. The more knowledge you have around different marketing strategies and plans, the more successful you can become as an SEO professional.


Content can be a huge driving force in SEO and quality content is ranking higher than content that is filled with keywords so you need to have some writing skills in your arsenal of skills. Being able to research is also a highly useful skill you will need to possess. Not just in creating content but in know the best keywords/phrases to use and understanding the target market better.


Have an understanding of a variety of technical skills will also boost your career. While you need to know how to write quality content and understand marketing you also need to be able to perform some technical task that will increase your SEO efforts. From HTML coding to understanding server languages and configuration it is best to have the basic understanding of some of these technical areas.


To be successful you will need to be a problem solver and not be afraid to make decisions. This means you will need to be creative as well. You need to be able to come up with unique idea in marketing strategies, content, slogans and many other areas that can get more eyes on the business you are working for.


How Can You Get A Start In An SEO Career?


While it may seem like a lot to learn and understand to become an SEO professional it can be done quite easily. You want to begin by first have a basic understand of what exactly all these skills set entail and just how they can be useful in your SEO business. While you may not be able to master all the skills at first you can begin by master one and slow gain more as you go. A number of SEO experts began their careers as freelance writers or web designers. This taught the useful skills of keyword placement and how to create quality content. Start with one skill set and gain all the technical understandings of it and soon you will be able to perform a wide range of SEO jobs.

I am Jeff Klein; I am going to write about the tips for effective marketing for auto glass business. Here are some tips which will help you with your auto glass business. Learning while you work is potentially an ideal approach that will make you successful in auto glass world. Performing each job in a windshield changing center is the absolute best approach to learning. You cannot underrate the experience and knowledge you get in the business of windshield replacement at the time of becoming the top notch brand. Keep in mind that perusing a course book isn’t sufficient for operating an auto glass company.

Running a good auto glass takes total dedication and hard work. To build up your successful windshield replacement center, be ready to contribute a lot of time and interest. Understand your limitations and discover how to assign work assignments and responsibility.

By giving astounding service and first rate products, you will have the chance to construct an auto windshield service organization that may offer you a decent living. Your assets and deals will continuously rise. You can get more purchaser referrals than you can ever envision when you concentrate on conveying the absolute best conceivable shopping knowledge to each purchaser.

Try not to give others a chance to know that you are having a terrible day. Try to make a positive association with each of your customers by making them feel appreciated and respected. Employees ought to be trained the proper behavior appropriately around customers. More sales will come about when you make your customers happy.

Excellent client service assumes a sizable part in the choice of purchasers to get back to your auto windshield service organization. If your organization cannot convey a great shopping service each and every time, you can anticipate that your purchasers will head toward to find out the better service provider company. Standards are very essential to keep purchasers happy.

Before opening for an auto glass company, guarantee the greater part of your bases are covered with a specific end goal to avoid legal issues by documenting all the right papers where it ought to go. When you experience issues understanding the law, talk to a good windshield replacement center licensed counselor.

Achieving your auto windshield administration organization objectives does not imply that you have discovered all achievement. To keep your close-by auto glass developing as well as vital, you need to progress in the direction of new objectives when you have met the past set. You could extend your windshield replacement center quickly if you construct your offerings on the new patterns developing in your industry; be dogged as well as steady in your quest for them to get the best results. The proprietor of a profitable organization always look for new industry trends and influences them to enhance the general performance of his or her of local business of auto glass.

The maintenance of a house is not an easy task, there are lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration and set right before it turns to be a much more troublesome problem. Gutter cleaning is one chore that is not easy to forget. Ignoring your gutters may lead to expensive damage to your house. The main purpose of your gutters is to get storm water and snow melt away from the house, especially the foundation. If not paid attention the clogged and blocked gutters may have serious repercussions on your home.

What is gutter cleaning?

Cleaning of the gutter is definitely not an easy job. The longer you put it off, the worst it gets. Cleaning and maintenance of the gutters every spring or winter will help keep them working the way they are supposed and expected to. However, if not taken care and cleaned at regular intervals may damage your downspouts and the roof as well.

If the gutters are poorly maintained, there are possibilities that water fall on and enter the foundation of the house, result in molds and other water damage. During winter, water can freeze and crack the foundation or gutters can collapse and provide an opening for animals and water to find way into your roof.

Hence, it is crucial that you regularly clean the gutters and undertake repair of any lose or damaged hangers as soon it is noticed. If neglected, the whole thing may need a complete replacement depends on what’s damage levels.

Seasonal cleaning of gutters

The gutter cleaning is generally done about twice a year and sometimes in response to severe or nasty weather events. You may accordingly choose to condition the gutters yourself and get your hands dirty, yet save some money investing some time and risk. However, it is best to call professional gutter cleaners who would have the expertise in the cleaning field.

Eaves cleaning, the debris and leaves

Thorough cleaning of the house gutters has its own share of benefits, it prevents leaves clogging up the drainage, water to decay and accumulate mold. Stagnant water may also invite mosquitoes, pests and insects, besides leaking into your house basement.

Eavestrough cleaning may be a simple task of climbing a ladder and scooping out the leaves. But, if there is blockage or a clog of debris then it is better to hire a specialized person to save time and effort, especially in wake of a particular season.


Clean the ice

The ice and snow that is trapped in the house gutters may cause lot of damage beyond the gutter themselves. Ice, like leaves would prevent proper drainage resulting in damage to the gutter and may turn out to be a safety hazard. Ice dams can form and do major damage to the entire roofing system. You can always use an ice pick, axe or any other tool to deal with the ice and clean it your selves, but may be dangerous to you and your property. A professional may help you do it in an easy way.

Beyond gutter repair

You may always come across occasional damage during the gutter cleaning and maintenance process. Small scale damage like a minor hole, rusty spots can be handled yourself by appropriately patching it up or painting it. However dents, sags, bends, big holes might indicate the need for a professional handyman to take care of the gutter repair or replacement of the whole gutter system.


Gutter is an essential part of the house that requires proper, timely maintenance. Opting for professional services lowers the risk of incorrect installation or improper cleaning, hence saving you from last minute hassles while there is change in climate. It gives you an expert handling of the problem in a cost effective way. If you interested in this career head over here to find out more about who are looking for you.